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Which term describes the process of efficiently turning raw materials into goods to be sold?


What is the definition of a system?

A set of components that are connected in a way to perform a task in an environment

What is the definition of a manufacturing system?

A system that has an input of material and has an output as part or product

What are the requirements for manufacturing?

Special buildings or places of work

What does planning in manufacturing deal with?

Decisions related to manufacturing requirements

Which of the following best defines environmental science?

A group of sciences that attempt to explain how life on Earth is sustained.

Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?

Solar energy

What is the key characteristic of a non-renewable resource?

It is depleted by usage and consumption.

Which of the following is considered a component of the global Earth system?


What is an ecosystem?

A community of organisms and its physical environment.

Test your knowledge on manufacturing systems and their importance in efficiently turning raw materials into sellable goods. This quiz will cover key concepts such as the definition of manufacturing, the meaning behind the term, and the role of systems in this process.

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