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What is the main focus of management?

Coordinating efforts to accomplish goals

Which resources are typically managed in the field of management?

Financial, natural, technological, human resources

What are the two concepts used in management to differentiate between continued delivery and adapting to changing needs?

Run the business, Change the business

What is the term used to refer to the people involved in management?


Which fields does management encompass?

Business administration, nonprofit management, public administration

Study Notes

Management Overview

  • The main focus of management is to achieve organizational goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.

Managed Resources

  • The field of management typically involves managing various resources, including:
    • Human resources (people and their skills)
    • Financial resources (money and investments)
    • Physical resources (equipment, materials, and facilities)
    • Information resources (data, technology, and knowledge)

Delivery and Adaptation

  • Two key concepts used in management to differentiate between continued delivery and adapting to changing needs are:
    • Efficiency (achieving goals with minimum waste of resources)
    • Effectiveness (achieving desired outcomes and adapting to changing circumstances)

Management Stakeholders

  • The term used to refer to the people involved in management is stakeholders, which includes:
    • Managers (leaders who oversee and direct)
    • Employees (team members who perform tasks and support)
    • Customers (receivers of goods or services)

Management Scope

  • Management encompasses various fields, including:
    • Business management (private sector)
    • Public management (government sector)
    • Non-profit management (voluntary sector)
    • Healthcare management (medical services)
    • Environmental management ( conservation and sustainability)

Test your knowledge of management principles and practices with this quiz! From business administration to nonprofit management and public administration, this quiz covers various aspects of managing organizations. See how much you know about managing resources and activities in different types of organizations.

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