Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System Components

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What is the function of the Main magnet in an MRI system?

To generate static magnetic field

Why is the Radio-frequency (RF) coil important in an MRI system?

To produce radiofrequency waves that penetrate the body

What is the role of the Computer system in an MRI setup?

To detect RF signals emitted by the patient's body and feed this information into the computer system

Why do static magnetic fields used in MRIs have a frequency of 0 Hz?

To indicate direction changes over time

What is the main difference between Earth's magnetic field and an MRI magnet's field?

Earth's magnetic field is weaker than the MRI magnet's field.

Why should pregnant patients not be exposed to an MRI machine > 2.5 T?

High-intensity fields can affect fetal development.

What is the function of the gradient magnetic field in an MRI machine?

To produce different intensities for imaging purposes.

What distinguishes a superconductive magnet from a permanent magnet in an MRI machine?

Superconductive magnets do not require cryogen.

Why have permanent magnets with a horizontal field been considered innovative?

They allow patients to be positioned upright during scanning.

Which disadvantage is associated with permanent magnets in MRI machines?

Large fringe field

What is a significant advantage of resistive electromagnets compared to other types of electromagnets?

Low capital costs

Why are resistive electromagnets preferred when capital costs are a major concern?

Low capital costs

What is a key disadvantage of resistive electromagnets that limits their application in some contexts?

High power consumption

Learn about the main components of an MRI system including the Gantry, Main magnet, and Gradient assembly. Understand how these components work together to produce high-quality medical images in a non-radiating manner.

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