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What do scientists use to help visualize magnetic forces?

Magnetic field lines

How are field lines drawn in a model of a single magnet?

Looping outward between opposite magnetic poles

What do field lines connecting the opposite poles of different magnets indicate?

The magnets will be attracted together

Why may magnetic forces seem mysterious?

Because they act on objects at a distance and cannot be seen or touched

What surrounds Earth and pushes and pulls the small magnetic needle in a compass?

A huge magnetic field

What do scientists use to predict and explain how magnetic forces work?

Scientific models with magnetic field lines

What is the main purpose of using a compass?

To identify the direction of the magnetic field

Why do compass needles spin so that one end points to the north pole?

As a result of geomagnetic forces

How do some animals naturally figure out which way is north?

With the help of tiny bits of metal in their cells acting like tiny compass needles

What is the cause of Earth's magnetic field?

The movement of Earth's liquid iron core

What is the process that creates a planet-wide magnetic field called?


How do bees, bats, and some birds make use of their natural sense of direction?

For long-distance migrations and navigation

Why do we use forces produced by geomagnetism for navigation?

To find directions and navigate accurately

What role do tiny bits of metal in animals' cells play in helping them find their way?

They act like tiny compass needles, pointing north

What would happen if a compass needle is placed near a strong magnet?

It would align parallel to the magnet's field lines

Why do birds like snow geese use their natural sense of direction for migration?

To migrate thousands of miles every year

How do geologists determine the type of rock?

By studying the formation process of the rocks

What creates a kind of 'glue' to hold compacted sediment together?

Minerals in the water

Where does loose sediment usually move downhill into?

Low places with water like lakes or oceans

What process transforms loose sediment into new layers of rock?


What characteristic of rocks does not determine their type, according to the text?

Color and texture

What holds the compacted sediment together at the bottom?

"Glue" formed by minerals in the water

Test your knowledge about Earth's magnetic field and the forces that act on objects within it. Learn about the mysterious magnetic forces and their impact on a compass needle.

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