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What is Macavity known for in the poem?

His cunning and evasiveness

Why do the police in the poem find it hard to catch Macavity?

He is always in hiding

What is the attitude of other cats toward Macavity in the poem?

They fear and avoid him

Study Notes

Macavity in the Poem

  • Macavity is known as the "Napoleon of Crime" and is a master of mischief and evasion.
  • The police find it hard to catch Macavity because he is a master of disguise, deception, and has a talent for making himself invisible when needed.
  • Other cats have a mixture of fear and admiration towards Macavity, considering him a mysterious and elusive figure.

Test your knowledge of T.S. Eliot's poem 'Macavity: The Mystery Cat' by answering questions about Macavity's reputation, the challenges of catching him, and the attitudes of other cats towards him.

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