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Which volatile anesthetic is most potent among the currently available agents?


What effect can degradation of volatile anesthetics in CO2 absorbents lead to?

Production of Compound A and carbon monoxide

Which volatile anesthetic has the lowest blood solubility among the agents mentioned?


What is the primary concern associated with increased postoperative usage of Nitrous Oxide?

Inactivation of Vitamin B12

Which volatile anesthetic has been associated with a rare incidence of immune-mediated hepatitis?


What is a characteristic property of Xenon as an anesthetic agent?

Provides no analgesia

Which volatile anesthetic has the highest blood:gas partition coefficient?


Which factor is known to increase Minimum Alveolar Concentration (MAC)?

Chronic alcohol abuse

What is the approximate range of MAC-awake, where the patient opens eyes to command?

0.1-0.3 MAC

Which anesthetic agent may decrease CSF production by up to 40%?


What effect does Isoflurane have on CSF resorption?


At what age does MAC decrease approximately 6% per decade?

From 1 year of age onwards

Which factor is NOT known to change MAC levels?

Metabolic alkalosis

What is the purpose of MAC-BAR in anesthesia?

To blunt adrenergic response to noxious stimuli

Which type of anesthetic is preferred for inhalation induction due to its low pungency and low blood:gas solubility?


What effect do Isoflurane, Desflurane, and Sevoflurane have on EEG?

Decrease EEG activity

Which of the following anesthetic agents will trigger malignant hyperthermia in a susceptible patient?


What effect do volatile anesthetics have on cerebral blood flow and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen?

Increased blood flow, decreased metabolic rate

What is the main factor that affects the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of inhalation agents?

Multiple factors

What effect do volatile anesthetics have on evoked potential monitoring?

They produce variable effects based on the monitor type

How do volatile anesthetics affect blood pressure?

Decrease blood pressure

Which anesthetic agent requires a special vaporizer to ensure delivery of the desired concentration due to its low boiling point?


What role do changes in CSF production and resorption play relative to ICP changes?

They play an insignificant role in ICP changes

How does cerebral blood flow respond to hypercapnia and hypocapnia?

It increases by 3% for each 1mmHg change in pCO2

Why is hypocapnia contraindicated in TBI?

It blunts the increase in CBF seen with volatile agents

What is a short-lived phenomenon related to hypocapnia?

An increase in cerebral blood flow

In reducing focal cerebral injury following incomplete ischemia, what is likely to have minimal difference between isoflurane and other drugs like thiopental?

Maintenance of blood pressure

How do isoflurane and other volatile agents compare to sedative-hypnotics when used to lower blood pressure?

They improve cerebral tissue oxygenation

What is postoperative cognitive dysfunction characterized by?

Impairment to mental processes of perception, memory, and mental processing

What are the studies on cerebral protection with barash's techniques?

They are inconclusive and inconsistent

What is the neonatal effect of anesthesia for cesarean section when comparing general anesthesia to regional anesthesia?

No difference in Apgar score between the two types of anesthesia

What is the long-term effect of neonatal or early childhood exposure to anesthetics in humans?

Behavioral changes

What causes accelerated neuronal apoptosis and behavioral changes in rodents following exposure to volatile anesthetics?

Exposure to volatile anesthetics

What is the FDA recommendation regarding fresh gas flow and MAC hours for sevoflurane?

> 1 L/min fresh gas flow up to 2 MAC hours, then > 2 L/min fresh gas flow

What factor greatly increases the production of compound A from the breakdown of sevoflurane in CO2 absorbents?

Warm and moist CO2 absorbents

Which volatile agent does not produce a renal concentrating injury due to rapid washout relative to enflurane?


Which drug is primarily used in pediatric populations for inhalation induction due to its low pungency and high acceptance?


Which advantage do volatile agents offer for anesthetic maintenance compared to other methods?

Prevent recall effectively

Test your knowledge on MAC (Minimum Alveolar Concentration) of inhaled anesthetics and factors that can increase it. Learn about the effects of different MAC values and substances that affect CNS neurotransmitter levels.

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