Lviv Polytechnic University Research Activities

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What are the two major tasks set before any institution providing tertiary education in the country?

To train highly qualified professionals and to carry on research

Which group of individuals is mentioned as being involved in research at Lviv Polytechnic National University?

Professors, teaching staff, and students

What is described as an integral part of the educational process in Ukrainian institutions of higher learning?

Students’ research work

What is the main task set before the students doing research at Lviv Polytechnic National University according to the text?

Mastering methods of independent solution of scientific and technical problems

What is one way junior students at the University learn about research?

By participating in laboratory exercises

How are Bachelor's and Master's graduation papers described in the text?

As small research projects reflecting students' knowledge

Which statement best describes the relationship between universities and research institutions according to the text?

Universities have a strong connection with research institutions

What is the significance of graduation papers for students according to the text?

They are valuable contributions to practical problem-solving

How are students prepared for research activities related to economic development according to the text?

By being involved in urgent economic problems

What is the final outcome for a student who submits and successfully defends their graduation paper?

They will be considered a graduate of the University

Learn about the research activities and initiatives at Lviv Polytechnic University, focusing on both fundamental and applied research. Explore how the institution contributes to the fields of science and engineering through its research laboratories and professors.

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