Louisiana Purchase Controversy

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What was one of the main purposes of the Corps of Discovery expedition led by Lewis and Clark?

To find a direct route to the Pacific Ocean

Which river did the Corps of Discovery mainly travel along on their journey westward?

Mississippi River

What significant role did Sacagawea play in the successful completion of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Serving as a guide and interpreter for the explorers

How did the U.S. secure new territories in the Oregon region during the 19th century?

By forcefully removing Native resistance

What accelerated settlement in the Oregon territory in the 1840s?

Building of railroads

What did Jefferson envision as the solution for Native peoples living in the western lands?

Subjugating them by treaty into farming communities

How long did the process of conquest and removal of Native peoples from western lands take after the Louisiana Purchase?

80 years

What encouraged thousands of prospectors to head to California in the 1840s?

'Gold Rush' opportunity

What role did Army units play in securing new areas for American settlement?

Clearing Native resistance to expansion

Which river did the Corps of Discovery travel along until they reached the Colombia River for the final leg of their journey?

Marias River

What role did Sacagawea play in the Lewis and Clark expedition?

She provided crucial guidance as a Shoshone guide

What challenge did Lewis and Clark face during their journey to the Pacific Ocean?

Dealing with harsh winter conditions

What was the primary purpose of establishing a presence in the Oregon territory by Americans?

To secure agricultural land in the Great Plains

What was Jefferson's initial vision for dealing with Native peoples in the Louisiana Purchase area?

Settling them into European-style farming communities

What was the major consequence of the Gold Rush on settlement patterns in the 1840s?

Increased migration of prospectors to California

How did European settlers typically view Native resistance to American expansion in the 19th century?

As an obstacle that needed to be overcome

What was one significant outcome of the Corps of Discovery expedition's journey to the Pacific Ocean?

'Securing new areas for American settlement'

Why did Americans dispatch Army units across the Oregon territory in the 19th century?

'To 'clear' territories of restive native resistance'

Learn about the controversy and opposition surrounding the Louisiana Purchase, including concerns about aligning with Great Britain over France, economic interests in the territory, and Spain's claim over the land. Explore the political tensions and uncertainties during this historical event.

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