Lost Opportunity at the Train Station

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What prevented the speaker from jumping into one of the carriages of the Lucknow Express?


Why did the speaker avoid staying at the small hotels near the station?

Desire to remain unnoticed

What did the speaker observe about men's reactions when they lost their goods?

Rich man showed anger

What emotion did the speaker predict Anil would feel upon discovering the theft?


Why did the speaker walk through the bazaar after missing the train?

To avoid attracting attention

What was the weather like when the speaker found himself on the deserted platform?

Chilly with light drizzle

Why did the speaker believe that friends were more trouble than help?

Due to past experiences with friends

What was the only person the speaker knew well?

Anil, the man he robbed

This quiz is based on a narrative where the protagonist misses an opportunity to escape by train due to hesitation. Test your comprehension of the story and key events that unfolded at the train station.

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