Lost in the City Dialogue

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What is the woman's main reason for approaching the man?

She wanted to ask for directions to the art museum.

Why does the man suggest taking a bus instead of walking?

He believes it will take too long to walk from their current location.

What does the man tell the woman to look out for to find the bus stop?

A junction with traffic lights

Why does the woman say, 'This always happens to me'?

She often gets lost when following directions.

What is the woman's initial reaction when the man suggests taking a bus?

She expresses disappointment as she wanted to walk around.

What does the man suggest about the area near where they are standing?

There is nothing worth seeing around there.

What landmarks does the man use to guide the woman to the bus stop?

The junction with traffic lights and a bus stop sign

How does the man suggest preparing for finding the bus stop if the woman is uncertain?

He suggests asking another passerby for guidance.

Test your comprehension skills by answering questions based on a dialogue between a woman and a man who is lost in the city. The dialogue revolves around asking for directions and getting advice on the best way to reach a specific location.

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