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What is the main setting of Chapter 1?

A deserted island in the Pacific Ocean

Who are the first two characters introduced in Chapter 1?

Ralph and Piggy

What do the boys find that could be used as a makeshift trumpet?

A large, cream-colored conch shell

Who hesitates to kill the wild pig they discover in Chapter 1?


What type of environment do the boys face in Chapter 1?

Excitement and fear

Who initially suggests using the conch shell as a makeshift trumpet?


What is the first action of the boys upon arriving on the island?

Exploring the island

Who suggests that they elect a leader among the boys?

"Piggy, Ralph, and Jack"

Who ignores Piggy's requests while exploring the island?

"Ralph and Jack"

Who are the two main characters introduced in Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies?

Ralph and Simon

What is the initial atmosphere like as the boys explore the island in Chapter 1?

Calm and peaceful

What does the island symbolize as the story progresses in Chapter 1?

Safety and security

What role does Ralph initially seem to embody in Chapter 1?

Agitator and troublemaker

What does Ralph allow Jack to control in Chapter 1, demonstrating his charisma and ability to connect with the other boys?

Food rationing

What does Piggy lack despite his intelligence?

Physical stature and charisma

What does Jack initially struggle with in Chapter 1?

His reluctance to hunt

What does Ralph learn about his role as the story progresses?

To be prepared to take a hard line with his friends

What does the conch shell symbolize in the story?

Leadership and authority

What major theme is introduced in Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies?

The destructive force of evil in man and society

Study Notes

Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies

"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding is a novel that follows a group of English boys who are evacuated during a fictional worldwide war and end up on an uninhabited tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The story begins with Ralph meeting Piggy, and their conversation provides the background of their situation. The novel opens with the boys meeting up on a beach after their plane crashed, and due to the lack of adults, they are initially excited to be on their own.

Plot Summary of Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, the boys explore their new environment and face various challenges:

  1. Ralph, Piggy, and Jack explore the island, ignoring Piggy's whining requests.
  2. The boys discover a wild pig caught in a tangle of vines and Jack draws his knife to kill it, but hesitates.
  3. Ralph and Piggy find a large, cream-colored conch shell, which Piggy realizes could be used as a makeshift trumpet.
  4. The boys decide to elect a leader, and Ralph, Jack, and Simon confirm that the island is uninhabited.

Setting and Atmosphere in Chapter 1

The setting of Chapter 1 is described as an unnamed, uninhabited tropical island in the Pacific Ocean during a fictional worldwide war around the year 1950. The atmosphere is a mix of excitement and fear, as the boys explore their new environment and face various challenges:

  1. The island is described as an inhospitable terrain, with the scorched land where the airplane crashed, ripping up trees, and the boys setting fires that burn out of control.
  2. The boys use the beach as a bathroom and kill the wild pigs living on the island.
  3. The atmosphere is filled with the sounds of the jungle and the boys' interactions, as they navigate their new environment and establish their own society.

In conclusion, Chapter 1 of "Lord of the Flies" sets the stage for the boys' adventure on the uninhabited island, introducing introducing the characters and their relationships, as well as the challenges they face in their new environment. The setting and atmosphere of the chapter create a sense of excitement and unease, foreshadowing the events that unfold throughout the novel.

Test your knowledge of the events, characters, and setting in Chapter 1 of 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding. Explore the challenges faced by Ralph, Piggy, and Jack as they navigate the uninhabited tropical island and establish their society.

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