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What is the false dilemma fallacy?

Presenting only two options despite the presence of multiple possibilities

What is the appeal to ignorance fallacy?

Instantly concluding something to be true because it is not proven false

What is the slippery slope fallacy?

Drawing increasingly superficial and unacceptable consequences

What is the complex question fallacy?

Rolling two or more points into one and expecting acceptance or rejection of both

What is the example of the false dilemma fallacy in the provided text?

Either you fully devote yourself to company or you quit.

Study Notes


  • The false dilemma fallacy occurs when someone presents only two options as if they are the only possibilities when in reality there may be other alternatives.
  • The appeal to ignorance fallacy involves arguing that a claim is true because it has not been proven false, or that a claim is false because it has not been proven true.
  • The slippery slope fallacy suggests that a particular action will inevitably lead to a series of negative consequences, without providing evidence to support this claim.
  • The complex question fallacy occurs when a question is asked that assumes a particular premise or set of circumstances, which may not be true, and then proceeds to ask a question based on that assumption.

Example of False Dilemma Fallacy

  • An example of the false dilemma fallacy would be when someone says, "Either you're with us, or you're against us," implying that there are only two options when in reality there may be other perspectives or alternatives.

Test your critical thinking skills with this quiz on logical fallacies. Identify and understand common fallacies such as false dilemma, appeal to ignorance, and slippery slope through descriptive examples. Enhance your ability to recognize flawed reasoning and strengthen your analytical thinking.

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