LNGS101: Introduction to Linguistics - Origins of Human Language Quiz

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What does the Innateness Hypothesis propose?

Humans have a gene responsible for language.

In the context of human development, what does the descent of the larynx in babies suggest?

Preparation for language.

What is the main idea behind the hypothesis mentioned in the text?

Human anatomy and physiology developed together with language.

Why does the text mention that babies undergo an automatic set of developments post-birth?

To highlight their preparation for language.

What analogy is used to explain the human hardwiring for language in the text?

Computers with pre-installed programs.

Which source of human language is linked to many religions?

The divine source

In the Bible, what did God give Adam and Eve according to the text?


Which story in the Bible does the text mention that involves God confusing people's languages?

The Babel story

How many babies did Egyptian pharaoh Psammetichus isolate in an experiment related to the divine source of language?

Two babies

What did the babies isolated by Egyptian pharaoh Psammetichus eventually say in the text?


Between which periods does language date back to?

50,000-100,000 years ago

Which theory proposes that language developed as a result of physical changes in humans?

Tool-making theory

What type of sounds did early humans likely produce based on the text?

Grunts, hums, and groans

Which aspect of human anatomy was adapted for the production of more complex consonants according to the text?

Vocal tract

Which activity is mentioned in the text as being connected to the part of the brain that handles language?


What did King James IV of Scotland claim about children?

They started speaking Hebrew spontaneously

Which theory proposes that language developed as a result of people working together?

Yo-he-ho theory

Test your knowledge on the origins of human language with this quiz based on the contents covered in LNGS101: Introduction to Linguistics. Explore theories, properties, areas of study, language varieties, societal impacts, and applications related to human language.

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