Living Organisms and Soil Environment

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Where is water typically held in soil?

as a film on the surface of soil particles or in pore spaces

What can happen to plants unsuited to poor drainage in a soil?

They will suffer from lack of oxygen

What is the primary function of air in soil?

to support the respiration of plant roots and soil fauna

What is the characteristic of the A Horizon (Topsoil) that aids drainage?

It drains more freely than subsoil

What is the main difference between the A Horizon and the B Horizon?

The A Horizon has more organic matter and humus

What is the R Horizon composed of?

Consolidated rock

What is the primary source of nitrogen available to plants in the soil?

Decomposition of organic matter

How many nutrients are essential for plant growth?


What is the main difference between major and minor nutrients?

Major nutrients are required in large amounts, minor nutrients in smaller amounts

Why is it important to consider the levels of nutrients when applying fertiliser?

To prevent toxicity to plants

What is the function of enzymes in plants?

To act as catalysts and control chemical reactions

Which of the following is NOT one of the major nutrients?

Manganese (Mn)

What is nitrogen responsible for in plants?

Boosting green leaf and stem growth

What is a symptom of nitrogen deficiency in plants?

Yellowing of leaves

What is phosphorus a component of?


What is a characteristic of phosphorus-deficient plants?

Dark green leaves with purple veins

What type of soil is likely to be deficient in potassium?

Soil with low clay content

What happens to the plant's requirement for phosphorus as it reaches maturity?

It declines

Explore the importance of water and air in soil, and how they impact plant roots and soil fauna. Learn about the distinct layers of soil profiles and their characteristics.

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