Liver Cirrhosis & Its Complications - Definition and Causes

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What is the main cause of portal hypertension?

Liver fibrosis

Which condition is considered as a premalignant disease?


What is the normal portal pressure?

58 mmHg

What can lead to splenomegaly in portal hypertension?

Congestion of the splenic vein

What may result in hypoalbuminemia in chronic liver cell failure?

Failure of the diseased liver to synthesize albumin

What is the main characteristic of liver cirrhosis?

Diffuse abnormality of liver architecture

Which of the following is NOT a cause of liver cirrhosis?

Moderate alcohol intake (<10 ml/day)

What is the effect of prolonged right side heart failure on the liver?

Hepatic congestion

Which genetic defect can lead to over absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract and deposition in the liver?


In what way does alcoholic steatohepatitis contribute to the development of liver cirrhosis?

Inflammation and damage to hepatocytes

Learn about the definition of liver cirrhosis, a diffuse irreversible process characterized by necrosis of liver cells, followed by fibrosis, regeneration and nodule formation. Explore the causes, including chronic non self-limited injuries to the liver such as viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B±D, and drug-induced conditions.

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