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Literary Character Analysis Quiz

"Character Analysis: Explore the Complexities of Relationships and Solitude in Literature" - Test your knowledge of literature by analyzing the character who isolates herself, reciting prayers and feeding sparrows, from a given passage.

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What was the woman's daily routine that brought her joy?

Feeding sparrows in the verandah at dawn by breaking bread into pieces and feeding it to the birds.

Describe the change in the woman's behavior when the author went to the university.

She stopped talking to everyone, spent her whole day sitting at her spinning wheel, reciting prayers, and moving beads of the rosary with one hand.

What did the author's mother do when he returned home after five years abroad?

She came to pick him at the station, clasped him within her arms, and didn’t say a word. She still used to feed her sparrows.

What unusual behavior did the woman exhibit before falling ill?

<p>She didn’t recite her prayers but instead collected the women of the neighbourhood, got a drum, and started singing.</p> Signup and view all the answers

How did the woman spend her last hours before her death?

<p>She didn’t want to waste her time talking to anyone in the family anymore but spend her last hours in reciting her prayers laying on the bed.</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

The Woman's Daily Routine

  • The woman's daily routine brought her joy, indicating that it was a source of happiness for her.

Changes After the Author's University Enrollment

  • When the author went to the university, the woman's behavior changed, implying a significant impact on her life.

The Mother's Action After the Author's Return

  • Upon the author's return home after five years abroad, the author's mother took some action, indicating a notable event or reaction.

Unusual Behavior Before Illness

  • Before falling ill, the woman exhibited unusual behavior, which may have been a sign of her deteriorating health.

The Woman's Final Hours

  • The woman spent her last hours before her death in a specific way, which may have been significant or poignant.

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