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How does the mirror in the shop help the shop manager?

By helping to see shoplifters behind the counter

Why do some surfaces reflect light better than others?

Due to their texture

How does a mirror help the dentist to see the patient’s teeth?

By reflecting light to illuminate the mouth

What happens when light reflects off different surfaces?

Light bounces off at an angle

Why are some surfaces better at reflecting light than others?

Due to their smoothness

How does light behave when you look at a bike behind you in a rear-view mirror?

Light travels in a straight line and then bounces off the mirror

Why can E Arun see himself in the mirror?

Because the mirror reflects light well

Why can't Marcus see himself in the wooden chopping board?

Because the wooden chopping board absorbs light well

What happens when a surface absorbs light?

It takes the light in and does not reflect it

How can you determine if a surface reflects light well?

By clearly seeing your reflection in the surface

What characteristic of a material allows you to see your reflection in it?

High light reflectivity

In scientific investigations on light reflection, what role does surface texture play?

It influences how well the surface reflects light

Why is a mirror able to reflect light so well?

Mirrors have a smooth and shiny surface.

What happens when light reflects off an object into our eyes?

We see the object in a reversed position.

Why are mirrors able to show our image clearly?

Mirrors have a smooth and shiny surface.

Which type of surface is better at reflecting light?

Smooth and shiny surfaces

What property of a mirror makes it suitable for reflecting images effectively?

Having a shiny and smooth surface

How does the reflection of light in mirrors help us see our own image?

By creating a reversed replica of ourselves

Study Notes

Light Reflection

  • Light reflects off surfaces with low absorption rates, making them appear brighter.
  • Surfaces with high absorption rates, like wood, absorb light instead of reflecting it, making them less reflective.

Mirrors and Reflection

  • A mirror's smooth surface allows it to reflect light well, helping the shop manager watch customers and the dentist examine patients' teeth.
  • When light reflects off a surface, it bounces back into our eyes, allowing us to see an image.

Surface Texture and Light Reflection

  • Surface texture affects how well a material reflects light; smooth surfaces reflect better than rough ones.
  • A mirror's smooth surface makes it a good reflector of light, enabling it to show clear images.

Characteristics of Reflective Materials

  • Materials with low absorption rates and smooth surfaces are better at reflecting light.
  • A mirror's reflective property makes it suitable for showing clear images.

How Mirrors Work

  • When light reflects off an object into our eyes, we can see its image.
  • A mirror's ability to reflect light so well makes it an effective tool for seeing our own image.

Test your knowledge on predicting light behavior, labeling ray diagrams, and drawing light paths. Explore how light reflects off different surfaces and make conclusions about its behavior. Original material © Cambridge University Press 2021.

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