Life of Women in India 200 Years Ago

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What were some of the social and religious issues faced by women in India 200 years ago?

Little freedom, confinement to their homes, lack of access to education, polygamy, inability to inherit property, child marriage, and the practice of sati.

What was the common belief in many parts of India regarding the education of women?

The belief was that if a woman was educated, she would become a widow.

Who was considered the pioneer of socio-religious reforms in India and the champion of women's rights?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

What was the name of the organization founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828?

Brahmo Samaj

How did Indian reformers spread their resentment against the condition of women during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?

Through printed books, magazines, newspapers, and leaflets.

Explore the historical constraints and lack of freedom experienced by women in India two centuries ago. Learn about the limited access to education, prevalence of child marriage, restrictions on inheritance and the challenges faced by widows.

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