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Who directed the film Letters to God?

David Nixon

Where was the movie Letters to God filmed?

Orlando, Florida

Who played the character of Tyler Doherty in the film?

Tanner Maguire

What was the final gross of the film at the box office?

$2.9 million

Who received Tyler's 'letters to God' in the movie?

Walter Finley (Christopher Schmidt)

Study Notes

Film Details: Letters to God

  • The film Letters to God was directed by David Nixon.
  • The movie was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Characters and Casting

  • Tyler Doherty, the main character, was played by actor Tanner Maguire.

Box Office Performance

  • The film's final gross at the box office was approximately $2.8 million.

Movie Plot

  • Tyler's 'letters to God' in the movie were received by Brady McDaniels, the postal worker.

Test your knowledge about the 2010 American Christian drama film 'Letters to God' directed by David Nixon. Learn more about the cast, filming locations, and the true story behind the movie.

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