Layers of the Epidermis Biology Quiz

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Which layer of the epidermis is responsible for continuous cell division?

Stratum basale

In which type of skin is the stratum lucidum present?

Thick skin

What is the main component of the dermis?

Collagen and elastic fibers

Which region of the dermis contains areolar connective tissue, capillary loops, and corpuscles of touch?

Papillary region

What can stimulate the formation of a callus in the skin?

Constant friction

Which layer of the epidermis is composed of flat, dead keratinocytes continuously shed and replaced by deeper cells?

Stratum corneum

'Keratinization' in the skin involves:

Accumulation of protective keratin as cells move towards the surface

'Dandruff' is caused by an excess of:

Keratinized cells shed from the scalp

Which layer of the epidermis includes keratohyalin and lamellar granules?

Stratum granulosum

Test your knowledge on the layers of the epidermis in thin and thick skin. Learn about the functions and characteristics of each layer including stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum.

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