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What is the main factor that determines the behavior of lava?

Chemical composition

Which type of lava has low amounts of silica and high amounts of magnesium and iron?

Mafic lava

What is the main reason for the difference in viscosity between mafic and felsic lava?

Silica content

Which minerals are commonly formed by felsic lava?

Orthoclase, quartz, plagioclase

What type of lava flow is characterized by a smooth and shiny surface, often with ropey textures?

Pahoehoe lava flow

What is the temperature of lava?

Over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the major cause of the explosive nature of lava?

Dissolved gas

What is the major component of lava?


What does the term 'magma' refer to when inside the Earth's crust?

Molten rocks

What factor determines the distance that lava flows?

Temperature of the flow

What type of lava flow is associated with mafic lava?

Aa lava flow

Which type of lava flow forms smooth blocks of around one meter?

Blocky lava flow

Under what conditions are pillow lavas typically formed?

Underwater eruption

What are the characteristics of pahoehoe lava flows?

Low viscosity, slightly hotter, and smooth surface

What distinguishes blocky lava flows from other types of lava flows?

High silica content

Test your knowledge about the characteristics and behavior of lava, including its temperature, viscosity, and formation process as it flows out of an erupting volcano and solidifies.

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