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What does LASER stand for?

Lig Analification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

How is laser light different from ordinary light?

It is monochromatic

What makes laser light intense, directional, and focused?

Synchronous light waves

Which region poses a retinal hazard from laser light?

400 to 1400nm

What is the function of the pumping system in a laser?

To transfer energy to the lasing medium

How are lasers commonly designated?

By the type of lasing material employed

What type of laser pulse duration is extremely short?


What determines how a laser is described?

Part of the electromagnetic spectrum represented

What raises the lasing medium to the metastable or lasing state in some lasers?

Chemical reactions releasing binding energy

Study Notes

Laser Fundamentals

  • LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser Light Characteristics

  • Laser light is different from ordinary light because it is coherent, meaning it has a single frequency and a fixed phase relationship.
  • Laser light is intense, directional, and focused due to the stimulated emission of photons, which are in phase with each other.

Laser Safety

  • The retina poses a hazard from laser light, as it can cause damage to the eye.

Laser Components

  • The pumping system in a laser raises the lasing medium to a higher energy state, preparing it for stimulated emission.

Laser Classification

  • Lasers are commonly designated by their wavelength, such as ultraviolet, visible, or infrared.

Laser Pulse Duration

  • Ultrashort laser pulses have extremely short durations, often measured in femtoseconds (10^-15 seconds).

Laser Description

  • A laser is described by its wavelength, power output, and pulse duration.

Lasing Medium

  • In some lasers, an energy source, such as a flash lamp, raises the lasing medium to the metastable or lasing state, enabling stimulated emission.

Test your knowledge about the definitions and characteristics of lasers with this quiz. From understanding the acronym to properties of laser light, this quiz covers various aspects of laser technology.

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