Landlord Rent Increase Consequences

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Why did Anna and Bella leave the flat they were renting?

The landlord increased the rent and Anna couldn't afford it.

What was the main reason for the £30 per week shortfall in Anna's housing benefit after the rent increase?

Anna's low wages from her part-time job

Why did Bella want her own room after moving in with Cara?

She desired privacy and her own space.

Who is Eric and why did Anna apply for housing for him as well?

Eric is Anna's brother's son whose father was sentenced to prison.

What influenced Cara's decision to allow Anna and Bella to stay with her indefinitely?

Her recent split from her husband

Why did Dan often cry out loudly and behave aggressively towards Bella?

He had a learning disability that affected his behavior.

Why is Cara not willing to have Eric living in her house?

She fears there would be conflict between her son Dan and nephew Eric.

Why did the housing officer send Anna a written decision?

To inform her that she is eligible for housing assistance.

What did the housing officer state about the shortage of housing in the UK?

Many families are in greater need and live in worse situations than Anna.

How did the housing officer describe Dan's behavior?

As a reason for Anna's homelessness.

Why does the local authority not consider Eric as part of Anna's household?

Because Eric doesn't live with Anna.

What is one of the reasons given in the text for the local authority considering placing Eric in a children's home?

Because Cara refuses to let Eric live in her house.

Explore the consequences of a landlord increasing rent on a tenant with low income and state benefits. Understand the challenges faced by tenants in affording rent after such increases.

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