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What is the official spelling of the district?


How does the area of Kutch District compare to the area of Haryana?


What is the meaning of 'Kutch'?

Something which intermittently becomes wet and dry

What is the population of Kutch?


What language do the Kutchi people speak?


Study Notes

Kutch District

  • The official spelling of the district is Kutch, also known as Kachchh.
  • Kutch District covers an area of approximately 45,652 square kilometers, making it larger than the state of Haryana, which covers an area of around 44,212 square kilometers.

Origin and Meaning

  • The name "Kutch" is derived from the Gujarati word "kachbo", meaning "tortoise" or "turtle".


  • As of the 2011 census, the population of Kutch District is approximately 2,092,371.
  • The Kutchi people, native to the region, speak the Kutchi language, which is a dialect of the Sindhi language.

Test your knowledge about Kutch district, the largest district in India, with this quiz. Explore its history, geography, and cultural significance in Gujarat.

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