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What are the three types of kurtosis and how are they characterized?

The three types of kurtosis are mesokurtic, leptokurtic, and platykurtic. Mesokurtic distributions have peakedness equal to that of a normal distribution, leptokurtic distributions have more peak than the normal distribution, and platykurtic distributions have less peak than the normal distribution.

Define kurtosis according to Clark and Schkade's definition. What property of a distribution does kurtosis express?

Kurtosis is defined as the property of a distribution which expresses its relative peakedness.

What is the distribution called if it has more peak than that of a normal distribution?

The distribution is called leptokurtic.

Test your knowledge of kurtosis with this quiz. Learn about the definition of kurtosis and the types of distributions including mesokurtic, platykurtic, and leptokurtic. This quiz will help you understand the concept of relative peakedness in statistical distributions.

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