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What website has created the KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English?


What can students download for 8th Class English according to the text?

Textbook Solutions and Answers Guide

What type of syllabus is given for Class 8 English in Karnataka State Board?

Karnataka State Board Syllabus

What kind of study material is included in KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English?

Model Question Papers with Answers

What is provided in the KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English in both English Medium and Kannada Medium?

Notes Pdf

What are the components of Class 8 English in Karnataka State Board Syllabus?

Prose, Poem, Supplementary Reading

Why did Nagendra decide to open a shop?

Nagendra was an orphan with no job, but he was clever and had learned many things from his father. So, he decided to open a shop and sell wisdom.

Why is the merchant's son called a stupid boy?

The merchant's son, Babu, was called a stupid boy because he did not understand what wisdom was. He thought wisdom was something like a vegetable or a physical object.

What did Nagendra sell for a nickel?

Nagendra sold the wisdom 'It is not wise to stand and watch two people fighting' for a nickel.

How did Nagendra make Gupta realize the value of wisdom?

Nagendra made Gupta sign a document stating his son would not use the wisdom. When Gupta sought advice again, Nagendra charged him a thousand rupees, highlighting the value of wisdom.

Why did the two maids quarrel?

The two maids quarreled because they both wanted to buy the same pumpkin from the shop, but there was only one pumpkin available.

Why did Babu and his father go to Nagendra twice?

Babu and his father went to Nagendra twice to seek wisdom. The first time was to avoid the king's wrath by pretending Babu was mad, and the second time was to avoid being caught in the lie.

What task did the neighbouring king ask from King Akbar?

The neighbouring king asked King Akbar for a potful of wisdom.

How did Birbal manage to provide a potful of wisdom to King Akbar?

Birbal grew a pumpkin in a pot and gave it to King Akbar.

What did Birbal's potful of wisdom actually contain?

Birbal's potful of wisdom contained a pumpkin.

Why did the neighbouring king fall at the Emperor's feet?

The neighbouring king realized his mistake and begged for forgiveness.

What did Birbal request from King Akbar in response to the neighbouring king's demand?

Birbal requested some time from King Akbar to provide a potful of wisdom.

How did Birbal's solution teach a lesson to the neighbouring king?

Birbal's solution made the neighbouring king realize his mistake and seek forgiveness.

Study Notes

KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 English

  • KSEEBSolutions.com provides study materials for Class 8 English students, including textbook solutions, notes, and model question papers.
  • The study materials are available in both English and Kannada mediums.

The Boy Who Sold Wisdom

  • The story is about King Akbar who receives a letter from a neighboring king asking for a potful of wisdom.
  • Birbal, the clever jester, grows a pumpkin in a pot and gives it to King Akbar.
  • The king sends the pot to the neighboring king with a note that the wisdom should be removed without damaging the pot or the wisdom.

Plot Summary

  • The neighboring king is surprised to receive the pot and realizes his mistake, begging King Akbar for forgiveness.
  • The story highlights the concept of wisdom, which cannot be measured or physically obtained.

Character Analysis

  • Birbal is portrayed as a clever and witty character who outsmarts the neighboring king.
  • King Akbar is shown as a wise and powerful ruler who is respected by his neighboring kingdoms.
  • The neighboring king is depicted as foolish and arrogant, trying to insult King Akbar but ultimately ending up begging for forgiveness.

Access free downloadable KSEEB Solutions specifically tailored for Class 8 English in both English Medium and Kannada Medium. This resource includes textbook solutions, answers guide, model question papers, study material, and more aligned with KTBS Karnataka State Board Syllabus.

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