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Angiosperms, the more advanced type of seed plant, first became abundant during the Cretaceous period, about 100 million years ago. Today, they dominate the landscape, easily outcompeting their cousins, the ______


Upon maturation, the cone scales, which are appressed during early development, separate from each other, allowing the naked seeds to fall to the ______


The ovules are located on the surfaces of specialized structures called ______

cone scales

The terrestrial plants include the bryophytes (which reproduce mainly by spores), the vascular plants, and the ______

seed plants

The kingdom Plantae, newly constituted on the basis of biochemical and molecular criteria, includes the red and green algae, as well as the terrestrial photosynthetic organisms traditionally regarded as ______


Match the following terms with their descriptions:

Gymnosperms = Seed plants with male and female cones Angiosperms = More advanced type of seed plant dominating the landscape today Bryophytes = Terrestrial plants reproducing mainly by spores Conifers = Commercially important forest trees including pine, fir, spruce, and redwood

Match the following terms with their meanings:

Pollen tube = Structure through which sperm reaches the egg after wind-mediated pollination Vascular plants = Terrestrial plants with specialized tissues for transporting water and nutrients Cone scales = Specialized structures where ovules are located in gymnosperms Biochemical and molecular criteria = Basis for the newly constituted kingdom Plantae

Match the following plant groups with their reproductive methods:

Gymnosperms = Reproduction involving pollen and ovules in cones Angiosperms = Reproduction involving vessel seeds Bryophytes = Reproduction mainly by spores Vascular plants = Reproduction involving specialized tissues for water and nutrient transport

Match the following terms with their time periods:

Cretaceous period = When angiosperms first became abundant Today = When angiosperms dominate the landscape Early development = When cone scales are appressed before separating to release seeds Maturation = When cone scales separate to allow naked seeds to fall to the ground

Match the following statements with their correct plant types:

Seed plants with naked seeds = Gymnosperms More competitive type of seed plant today = Angiosperms Plants reproducing mainly by spores = Bryophytes Commercially important forest trees like pine and fir = Conifers

Test your knowledge on the classification of the Kingdom Plantae based on biochemical and molecular criteria, including red and green algae, bryophytes, vascular plants, and seed plants. Explore the categories of gymnosperms and angiosperms.

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