King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan

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What title did King Hussein bear among his people?

The Humane King

Where was King Hussein born?


Which educational institutions did King Hussein attend?

Victoria College and Harrow School

What significant event occurred on July 20, 1951, in King Hussein's life?

His grandfather King Abdullah was martyred at al-Aqsa mosque

What is the significance of King Hussein's lineage?

He was the fortieth generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad

What is the primary characteristic of Wasta based on the given text?

Obtaining something at the expense of others

In what way has Wasta evolved with the development of societies, according to the text?

It constitutes an infringement on the rights of others

What are examples of the negative forms of Wasta mentioned in the text?

Appointment and promotion of employees in the public sector

In which societies does Wasta vary in scope, as mentioned in the text?

Developed and developing societies

What is one of the components of the Arab social value system, as indicated in the text?

Wasta and favoritism

What is the average age of marriage for females in Jordanian society?

22 years

What is the primary reason for the increased age of marriage in Jordanian society?

Economic and social life

Which Christian denomination is NOT mentioned as a minority in the Jordanian society?

Protestant denominations

What is a common characteristic of the Jordanian society's family relations?

Strong and cohesive

What was a common phenomenon related to marriage in Jordanian society until recently?

Marriage of relatives

Test your knowledge about the life and legacy of King Hussein bin Talal, the influential leader of Jordan known for guiding the country to peace and stability in the Middle East.

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