Kazakh Nauryz Holiday Traditions

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What is the most important Kazakh holiday of the year?


What is the corresponding Iranian New Year to Nauryz?


Which group of people passed the traditions of Nauryz celebration from generation to generation?

Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and Uighurs

What ancient Pagan rites can the origin of the Nauryz holiday be traced back to?

Love of nature

What was the first activity to start the celebration of Nauryz according to the text?

Cleaning up a spring

What is the significance of the number '7' in Kazakhs' celebration?

It corresponds to the seven days of the week, symbolizing time units of universal eternity

What were the seven components usually included in the Nauryz-kozhe served during the celebration?

Meat, salt, fat, onions, wheat, kurt, and curd cheese

Which game was the most famous during the Kazakhs' celebration?


How did people conclude the day's celebration during Nauryz?

By making fire and going around the village with lighted torches

What does Nauryz symbolize according to various historical chronicles?

Symbol of spring and renewal of nature

Explore the customs and significance of Nauryz, the most important holiday in Kazakhstan, celebrating the Kazakh New Year. Discover how this ancient holiday has been preserved and passed down through generations, with variations in different cultures.

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