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What is the distinctiveness of the Jaipur and Lucknow gharanas in Kathak?

Jaipur emphasizes intricate footwork while Lucknow focuses on graceful movements

What are the nine types of Shiro-bhed according to the ‘Abhinay Darpan’?

Udvahit, Parivartit, Paravalambit, Akampit

What is the use of Sanyukta hand gestures in Kathak?

To express emotions and tell stories

Which compositions in Taals Teentaal, Jhaptaal, and Ektaal are required to be known for the written examination?

Guruvandana, thaath, aamad, chakkardaar todas, paran, kavitta, counted tihaai

What is included in the Madhyama Pratham Syllabus Theory related to Nartan Ke Bhed?

Nritta, Naatya, and Nritya

Test your knowledge of Kathak dance with this quiz! Explore the definitions of Lasya and Tandav Nartan Ke Bhed, and delve into the concepts of Nritta, Naatya, and Nritya. Learn about the distinctions between folk dance and modern dance, and understand the intricate techniques of Greeva-bhed and nine types of Shiro-bhed. Dive into the lives of Kathak exponents such as Pt. Kalika Prasad, Pt. Bindadin

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