Kabuki Theatre in Japan
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Kabuki Theatre in Japan

Learn about the origins and elements of Kabuki theatre in Japan, where each letter in the word 'Kabuki' represents key aspects of this traditional art form. Discover how Kabuki was created for the enjoyment of common people and its beginnings with 'Okuni', a female dancer.

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In modern Japanese, the word "______" is written in three letters where each letter describes the elements incorporated in this theater arts.


"______" is a group of performers who provide musical accompaniment for another theater in Japan called the "Noh."


In Kabuki, several "______" players are added to the Hayashi along with, depending on the play, traditional percussion instruments such as taiko, wind instruments, and others including those that are used for sound effects.


Kabuki was the first dramatic entertainment that was designed for the tastes of the ______ people in Japan.

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She entertained the people with her singing, dancing, and ______.

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