Julia Child and French Cuisine

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What is the main function of a cell wall in plant cells?

To protect against taking in too much water

Why do animal cells lack a cell wall?

Because they need to be flexible and move freely

What was the name of Julia Child's television show that aired in 1963?

The French Chef

What happens to animal cells in distilled water?

They swell up and burst

What was the result of Julia Child's television show and books on American society?

It increased interest in French culture and cuisine

What percentage of car buyers purchased blue cars, according to Jim's Auto Sales?


What is one reason why people need to limit their technology use?

Because people miss chances to interact with others

What type of energy does an object have when it is at rest?

Potential energy

How did Sumerian writing develop over time?

One symbol was used to represent multiple words

What was a characteristic of early Sumerian writing?

It used only abstract symbols

What happens to a horse's potential energy when it starts running?

It changes into kinetic energy

What type of energy does water have when it moves?

Kinetic energy

What is the main issue with technology according to Alex?

People don't set limits for themselves

What is Emily's suggested approach to technology in the workplace?

Find a balance between technology and personal connections

According to Alex, what do people often do instead of interacting with neighbors?

They stare down at their screens

Why does Alex think people rely too much on technology?

Because they don't set limits for themselves

What does Emily suggests people should do with technology at work?

Find a balance in its use

What is Alex's main concern about technology?

We have an unhealthy connection with it

What is the main advantage of technology, according to the passage?

Providing access to information and resources

What is the writer's opinion on technology?

It should be used mindfully and intentionally

What is the consequence of excessive technology use, according to the passage?

Neglect of real-life interactions and experiences

Where did Maria work for the United States government?


Who introduced Maria to Italian food?

Her husband

What did Maria decide to do after trying Italian food for the first time?

Take lessons from professional teachers at La Cucina Italiana

What did Maria Lopez write in collaboration with her partners?

A cookbook

What was the name of Maria Lopez's television show?

The Italian Chef

What was the impact of Maria Lopez's television show on American society?

It increased interest in Italian culture and cuisine

What did Maria Lopez continue to do after her television show ended in 1973?

She continued to star in other television shows and write books

What was the percentage of buyers who bought red cars, according to the information?


What is the main idea of the passage about Maria Lopez?

The influence of Maria Lopez on American cuisine

Learn about Julia Child's impact on American cuisine and her popular television show, The French Chef, which introduced French cooking to American homes. Discover how her show influenced American life and sparked interest in French culture. Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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