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What type of programming language is Java?


What does WORA stand for in relation to Java?

Write once, run anywhere

What is the primary format in which Java applications are typically compiled?


Which programming languages have a syntax similar to Java?

C and C++

What capabilities does the Java runtime provide that are typically not available in traditional compiled languages?

Dynamic capabilities like reflection and runtime code modification

What is Java's primary design goal?

To have as few implementation dependencies as possible

What is bytecode in the context of Java?

Code that can run on any Java virtual machine

What sets Java's syntax apart from C and C++?

It has fewer low-level facilities

What makes Java applications portable?

They can run on all platforms that support Java without recompilation

Why did Java gain popularity shortly after its release?

It provided dynamic capabilities not available in traditional compiled languages

Test your knowledge of Java programming language with this quiz. Explore questions on Java syntax, concepts, and principles.

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