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What is the primary benefit of using multithreading in a Java application?

To improve responsiveness and prevent freezing of the application

What is the default thread created by the JVM when a Java application is started?

Main thread

What is the parent class of all Java threads?


What happens to other threads if an exception occurs in a single thread?

Other threads are not affected

What is the purpose of thread synchronization in Java?

To enable better communication between processes

What is the state of a thread when it is first created?


What is the purpose of the join() method in a thread?

To ensure that one thread does not start running until another thread ends

What is the return type of the getId() method in the Thread class?


What is the purpose of the yield() method in a thread?

To give up the current use of a processor by the current thread

What is the functionality of the run() method in a thread?

To call the run method of the Runnable object if it was constructed using a separate Runnable object

What is the purpose of the sleep() method in a thread?

To pause the execution of a thread for a specified time

What is the return type of the getName() method in the Thread class?


What is a thread in Java?

A sequential flow of control within a program

How can you create a thread in Java by implementing functionality without extending the Thread class?

By anonymous implementation of the Runnable interface

What is the purpose of using multithreading in Java applications?

To enable software to do multiple tasks concurrently for improved efficiency

In Java, what is the main advantage of using the Runnable interface over extending the Thread class in thread implementation?

Promotes better object-oriented design and avoids the single inheritance issue

Which of the following statements about the main thread in Java is accurate?

The main thread is the entry point of every Java program and is created by the JVM

Which of the following accurately describes the relationship between Thread Class and Runnable Interface in Java?

Runnable Interface is preferred for thread implementation to promote better object-oriented design

Test your knowledge on multithreading, GUI programming, Java Server Faces, and Swings in Java application programming unit 4. This quiz covers topics like threads and their lightweight nature within a program.

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