Jacob and Esau

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What event leads to the massacre of the men of Shechem?

The kidnapping of Dina, Jacob's daughter, by the prince of Shechem.

Who passes away on Jacob's journey to Hebron, and what secret message does Jacob receive about his mother's passing?

Jacob's mother's nurse, Deborah, passes away, and this is a secret way of telling Jacob that his mother, Rebecca, has also passed away.

What happy and sad events occur on Jacob's journey to Hebron?

Rachel gives birth to a second son, whom she calls Ben Oni and Jacob renames Benjamin, but shortly afterwards Rachel passes away and is buried in a place called Beit Lechem.

How does this week’s parshah end, according to the text?

It ends with a list of Esau’s wives, children, and grandchildren.

What three things did Jacob do in preparation for meeting Esau?

Jacob prepared for war, prayed to G‑d, and sent Esau hundreds of cattle and sheep as a gift.

Who did Jacob meet and fight with through the night before meeting Esau?

Jacob met and fought with an angel who represents Esau.

What new name was given to Jacob after his battle with the angel and what does it mean?

Israel, which means “he who wins over the divine” (meaning the angel).

What did Esau invite Jacob to do, and how did Jacob respond?

Esau invited Jacob to travel with him to Seir, but Jacob told him that it takes a long time to travel with the women, children, and all the animals, and that he'll come at a later date. Jacob did not end up going to Seir.

Test your knowledge of the biblical story of Jacob and Esau with this quiz. Explore the events that unfold when Jacob returns to the Holy Land and encounters his brother Esau. See if you can recall the three actions Jacob takes when faced with the threat of Esau's approaching army.

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