ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level v4.0 Syllabus Quiz

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Who holds the registered trademark for ISTQB®?

Klaus Olsen

Which individual was part of the author team for the update in 2018?

Rex Black (project manager)

Who was the vice chair of the author team for the update in 2019?

Stephanie Ulrich

Which individual chaired the author team for the update in 2011?

Thomas Müller

Who were the authors for the update in 2010?

Thomas Müller (chair)

What organization holds the copyright for the Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus?


Under what conditions can extracts from the document be copied for non-commercial use?

If the source is acknowledged

Who may use the syllabus as the basis for a training course?

Accredited Training Provider

What is required before mentioning the syllabus in the advertisement of a training course?

Official accreditation of the training materials from an ISTQB ®-recognized Member Board

Who may translate the syllabus and what condition must be reproduced in the translated version?

ISTQB®-recognized Member Board; Copyright Notice

In decision table testing, what is the measurement of coverage expressed as?

The number of exercised columns divided by the total number of feasible columns

What is the strength of decision table testing?

It provides a systematic approach to identify all combinations of conditions

What may be used to reduce the number of rules that need to be exercised when there are many conditions in decision table testing?

Risk-based approach

What do decision table testing coverage items refer to?

Columns containing feasible combinations of conditions

What is used to achieve 100% coverage in decision table testing?

Test cases exercising all feasible columns

In decision table testing, what do the columns correspond to?

Decision rules

What is the notation for conditions in limited-entry decision tables?

T (true), F (false), and - (irrelevant)

What do extended-entry decision tables allow for some or all conditions and actions?

Multiple values, such as ranges of numbers

What does 'X' represent for actions in the notation of decision tables?

The action should occur

What does 'N/A' indicate for conditions in decision tables?

The condition is infeasible for a given rule

Test your knowledge of the Certified Tester Foundation Level v4.0 syllabus by taking this quiz. The syllabus was authored by Renzo Cerquozzi, Wim Decoutere, Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, Jean-François Riverin, and Arnika Hrys. This quiz covers the content related to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) and its trademark.

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