Islamic Approach to Social Justice

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What is necessary to comprehend the nature of social justice in Islam?

A study of the Islamic concept of Divinity, the universe, life, and humanity

How does Islam approach the different aspects of human life?

It has a comprehensive and perfect concept that integrates all aspects

What is the central concept around which the scheme of life in Islam revolves?

The concept of Tawhid (Divinity)

Why is it not necessary to approach each problem in isolation in Islam?

Because Islam has a complete and comprehensive concept

What is the benefit of having a universal Islamic concept?

It enables the student to understand the principles and laws of Islam

From where are the basis of Islamic laws and juridical thought drawn?

From the universal Islamic concept

What is a recommended approach to understanding Islam's concept?

Concentrate on the substance of the argument, and study its features with interest and depth of perception

What is the source of the true Islamic concept?

The Quran and the Traditions

What is the focus of Islam's teachings on social justice?

The nature of the relationship between the Creator and His creation

What is the recommended approach to studying Islam's views on politics and economics?

Begin with an understanding of its comprehensive concept of Divinity, the universe, life, and humanity

What is the nature of the philosophy of Islamic philosophers such as Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd?

A shadow of Greek philosophy that is in its essence foreign to the spirit of Islam

What is the result of applying Islam's concept in a piecemeal manner?

It will not bear fruit unless it is applied as a whole

Explore the Islamic concept of social justice through the lens of Syed Qutb's work. Delve into the core principles of Islam and how they shape the understanding of social justice. Learn about the relationship between faith, humanity, and the organization of human life.

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