IPv4 to IPv6 Transition

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Which protocol was created by the IETF to help network administrators migrate their networks to IPv6?

Dual stack

What is the preferred format for writing an IPv6 address?


What is the theoretical maximum number of addresses in IPv4?

4.3 billion

Which technique can be used to reduce the notation of an IPv6 address by replacing a string of zeros?

Double colon

What are the three types of IPv6 addresses?

Unicast, multicast, anycast

What is the length of an IPv6 address?

128 bits

What has helped to slow the depletion of IPv4 address space?


How many hexadecimal values are there in an IPv6 address?


Which type of IPv6 address is globally unique and routable on the IPv6 internet?

IPv6 global unicast address

What are the two types of unicast addresses typically associated with an IPv6 address?


What are the uses of IPv6 unique local addresses?

Used for local addressing within a site or between a limited number of sites

What are the three parts of an IPv6 global unicast address (GUA)?

Global routing prefix, subnet ID, and interface ID

How can an IPv6 link-local address (LLA) be obtained?

Both statically and dynamically

What command is used to configure an IPv6 GUA on an interface in Cisco IOS?

ipv6 address ipv6-address/prefix-length

What are the three methods for obtaining IPv6 addresses through ICMPv6 RA messages?

SLAAC, SLAAC with stateless DHCPv6 server, and stateful DHCPv6

What process is used to create the interface ID for an IPv6 address using the EUI-64 process?

Inserting 16 bits in the middle of the MAC address

Which field in the IPv6 GUA is used to create subnets?

Subnet ID

What is the advantage of a solicited-node multicast address?

It maps to a special Ethernet multicast address

What is the benefit of a 128-bit address in IPv6?

It supports more than enough subnets and hosts per subnet

If the global routing prefix is a /48 and the interface ID is 64 bits, how many subnets can be created?

65,536 subnets

How many host IPv6 addresses per subnet does a 64-bit interface ID support?

18 quintillion host addresses

What does the task of the network administrator become when there are over 65,536 subnets to choose from?

Designing a logical scheme to address the network

Is address conservation a concern when using IPv6?

No, it is not a concern

Similar to configuring IPv4, what can be configured to be on a different IPv6 subnet?

Router interfaces

What is the purpose of the Global Routing Prefix in an IPv6 address?

To route packets across networks

Test your knowledge on IPv4 issues and the transition to IPv6 in this quiz. Learn about the limitations of IPv4 address space, the role of private addresses and NAT, and the challenges posed by the IoT. Explore the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 and the steps needed for a successful transition.

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