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What is the main focus of STS?

Questioning conventional ideas about the progress of science

How does STS contribute to policy makers?

By providing insights on the impacts of technology in society

Which disciplines have contributed to the disciplinary nature of STS programs in universities?

Sociology, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology

What does STS emphasize in its research according to the text?

The social construction of technology

What is the primary goal of responsible innovation according to the text?

Avoiding negative consequences of rapid technological change

How does STS help in making informed decisions according to the text?

By aligning technology development with societal goals

What does STS (Science, Technology, and Society) aim to clarify?

The implications of science and technology to society

Which field prioritizes relationships, empathy, and caring for individuals?

Ethics of Care

What is the number one significant threat to biodiversity related to human activities?

Climate Change

Which factor presents ethical considerations due to its potential for both beneficial and harmful regulations?

Automation and AI

Which technology involves manipulating materials at the nano scale?

Nanotechnology and Materials Science

What seeks to maximize general well-being or happiness?


Which interdisciplinary approach adopts human flourishing as a priority?

Sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and others

Which concept involves continuous learning and adaptation?

Connection of technological advancements to paradigm shifts and scientific revolutions

What is the challenge that arises upon the development of automation and AI?

Safety, usability, and inclusivity

What is the focus of studying the effects of scientific and technological developments?

Health care

Test your knowledge on the critical viewpoints questioning conventional ideas about the progress of science, the emergence of STS in academic programs, and the ethical implications of scientific research post-World War II. Explore the relationship between science, technology, and society during the 1960s – 1970s.

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