Introduction to Public Law: Constitutional and Administrative Law

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What is the main purpose of Public Law as described in the text?

To limit the exercise of public power by government entities

Which aspect of law is concerned with determining whether government actions comply with non-constitutional legal rules?

Administrative law

What did Dixon J state about the rule of law in Australian Community Party v Commonwealth case?

The rule of law is an assumption of the Constitution

Which theorist emphasized the strong link between law and morality, stating that law's authority comes from its conformity with morality?


What did Dicey assert about individuals' accountability to the law?

No man is punishable except for a distinct breach of law

What is the main difference between the legal constitutional model and political constitutionalism?

The legal constitutional model enforces constitutional rules through courts, while political constitutionalism enforces them through elected branches of government.

According to Allan's view of the Rule of Law, what defines a law as 'not a law at all'?

A law that unnecessarily impinges on personal liberties.

What does Raz emphasize as essential characteristics of public laws under the Rule of Law?

Prospectivity, clarity, accessibility, and universal application.

In the context of King Rex's failures, which failure relates to rules that exceed the capabilities of the affected party?

Rules requiring conduct beyond powers of the affected party

What distinguishes primary source of constitutional principles in political constitutionalism from that of a legal constitutional model?

Constitutional rules being political in nature

Explore the body of legal principles that apply to public power, aimed at restricting the exercise of public power by government institutions. Topics include constitutional law concerning government actions and administrative law ensuring compliance with non-constitutional legal rules.

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