Introduction to Physics

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What is the origin of the word 'physics'?

Latin physica ('study of nature'), which is a borrowing of the Greek φυσική (phusikḗ 'natural science')

Which field directly contributed to the development of television and computers?

Solid-state physics

What did advances in thermodynamics lead to?

Development of industrialization

Which ancient civilization is mentioned as having knowledge of natural sciences?


What inspired the development of calculus?

Advances in mechanics

What is the angular displacement of the minute hand of a wristwatch in ten minutes?

π rad/3

If the angular velocity of a particle moving with a constant angular velocity is doubled while keeping the radius same, what will be the new force?


When seen from below, if the blades of a ceiling fan are revolving anticlockwise and their speed is decreasing, what is the correct statement about the directions of its angular velocity and angular acceleration?

Angular velocity downwards, angular acceleration upwards

What is the new period (T) of a simple pendulum of length l, when displaced so that its length becomes horizontal and then released?

(L - r)T = 2mgL / (L^2 - r^2)

What will be the velocity at the bottom of a simple pendulum when it is displaced so that its length becomes horizontal and then released?


Test your knowledge of the fundamental concepts in the field of physics, including matter, energy, motion, and forces. Explore the basic principles that govern the behavior of the universe.

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