Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering KG12303

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What is the primary function of a Drilling Engineer?

To prepare drilling programs and cost estimates

Which type of oil rig is supported by the ocean floor?

Marine rigs

What does AFE stand for in the context of drilling operations?

Authorization for Expenditure

In a turnkey drilling contract, how is the drilling contractor paid?

A lump sum to drill a well of a certain depth

What are the two types of companies involved in drilling operations?

Service companies and supply companies

What is the main role of supply companies in drilling operations?

To provide equipment and services to support drilling activities

Which type of drilling rig is known for its portability and maximum operating depth?

Jackknife rig

What is the main design feature of marine (or offshore) rigs?

Maximum water depth (WD) of operation

Which type of drilling rig is primarily used for offshore drilling operations and can be partially submerged in water?

Semi-submersible floating rig

What is the main role of bottom-supported offshore rigs?

To serve as a stable installation with large parts submerged in water

What type of offshore unit includes bottletype, column stabilized, and drill ship?

Semi submersible

What does a floating unit like a semisubmersible use to stay stable?

Eight huge mooring anchors

What is the main design feature of land rigs?

Portability and maximum operating depth

Where are derricks built for land rigs?

On locations

Learn about drilling operations, types of oil rigs, rotary drilling, directional drilling, drilling procedures, drilling problems, and well control in the field of oil and gas engineering.

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