Introduction to Offshore Engineering: Historical Development

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What type of offshore platform is characterized by space framed structures with tubular members supported on piled foundation?

Concrete Gravity Structure

Which type of offshore platform undergoes large lateral deflection under wave loading and has no oil storage capacity?

Compliant tower

Which type of offshore platform has floating facilities that are tied down to the seabed by vertical steel tubes called tethers?

Tension Leg Platform

Which type of offshore platform is used for ultra deep water and requires flood warning systems to be in-place due to its weight sensitivity?

Semi – Submersible

Which offshore platform type has excess buoyancy which keeps tethers in tension and is sensitive to topside load/draught variations?

Tension Leg Platform

When was the first offshore platform installed?


What is the primary purpose of offshore platforms?

Exploration of oil and gas from under seabed and processing

What does offshore engineering deal with?

Design and construction of structures intended to work in a stationary position in the ocean environment

Where was the first 'offshore' well started?

Gulf of Mexico

How did the offshore drilling design evolve?

From wooden pile platform to artificial islands

Prepare for your elective course with this quiz on the historical development of offshore engineering. Learn about the design and construction of structures intended to work in the ocean environment, with a focus on their use in the Oil and Gas industry and for Offshore Wind Turbines.

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