Introduction to MySQL: Basic Concepts

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What is the official pronunciation of MySQL?

my Ess Que Ell

What are some advantages of using MySQL?

Handles very large databases; very fast performance; reliable. Compatible with standard SQL.

Why is MySQL frequently used by PHP and Perl?

MySQL is easy to use with Java JDBC, and it is frequently used by PHP and Perl.

Where can one find MySQL installation instructions?

What are the resources provided for MySQL developers?

General starting point:, Developer focused:

What is the commercial version of MySQL provided with?

Commercial version of MySQL is provided with technical support.

What command should be executed from within a root shell?


How can you exit the MySQL shell?


What is the command to see a list of options provided by mysql?

mysql --help

What is the prompt when using the mysql interactive program?


What is the command to cancel the current command in mysql?


What type of queries can you run once logged into MySQL?

Simple queries

What function can be used as a simple calculator in MySQL?


How does MySQL determine the end of a statement when entering multiple statements on a single line?

By looking for the terminating semicolon

Where can you find the interactive shell for creating tables and inserting data in MySQL on Windows?


What is the MySQL connection id in the sample session provided?


What is the total time to execute the query in the sample session provided?

0.00 sec

What is the default location for executing mysql on Windows?


This quiz covers basic concepts of MySQL, including connecting and disconnecting, entering queries, and creating databases. It provides an introduction to the open source DBMS, its pronunciation, performance, and compatibility with standard SQL.

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