Introduction to Management: Functions of Management

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Which function of management involves creating a roadmap to achieve organizational goals?


At which managerial level do managers spend more time on leading the group, directing, and controlling?

Middle-level managers

Which function of management involves arranging resources and tasks in an orderly manner?


At which managerial level do managers spend more time on organizing themselves to execute tasks?

Lower-level managers

Which function of management involves selecting, training, and developing employees?


According to Harold Koontz and O'Donnell, how many primary functions of management are generally grouped under?


What is the main role of management according to the text?

Integrating individual efforts through organized group activity

Which sectors does management apply to, as mentioned in the text?

Government, business enterprises, education institutions, military, medical, and non-governmental organizations

Why is management considered a continuous activity?

Because organizational activities keep changing

What does the process of management integrate in organizations?

Human and other resources

Who suggested the guiding principles of management?

Henry Fayol

What is the main focus of AIMS?

Monitoring the theory and practice of management

What distinguishes AIMA from AIMS?

AIMA represents practicing managers

How does the text describe management as a profession?

Managers offer professional service similar to lawyers and accountants

Why can individual efforts alone not guarantee results in management?

Management involves group activity in an organization

Which characteristic describes management according to the text?

Reflects the social dimension due to interaction among individuals

Why does management include group activity according to the text?

Because organizations reflect social dimension with group interaction

What is a key aspect of managing the cost efficiently according to the text?

Ensuring a quality product or service

Why do people dislike change, according to the text?

Due to conscious or unconscious reasons

What role must managers play in change management, based on the text?

Embracing change agent role

In what ways have factors like technology, cost, and competition provoked change management in business?

By welcoming change in organizations

What has been agreed upon by a majority of authors in terms of managing organizations?

Managing through people

How has Reliance Jio challenged established players like Airtel and Vodafone?

By providing popular low-cost packages for internet connectivity

What do businesses need to improve in a globalized world?

Standard, quality, and features

Which auto giants are mentioned in the text as being forced to compete with local Indian auto players like Tata Motors?

Honda and Hyundai

How has technology impacted sectors according to the text?

Revolutionized every sector

What has significantly changed on the technology front as mentioned in the text?

Hardware and software

What is an example of the evolution of music technology provided in the text?

From tape recorder to CD to embedded in mobile phones

How many languages can Google search be done in according to the text?

More than hundred languages

Learn about the functions of management performed by managers at different levels such as top, middle, and lower. Understand how the time spent on activities like planning and organizing varies based on the managerial level.

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