Introduction to Helminths: General Characteristics and Life Cycle

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What is the primary function of the tough cuticle/integument in Dioctophyma renale?

To serve as a flexible covering

Which characteristic best describes the body covering of nematodes?

Noncellular and highly resistant

How are adult nematodes classified in terms of sex?

As dioecious with separate sexes

What is the main characteristic used for classifying nematodes according to chemoreceptors?

Presence of phasmids

Which part of a nematode's body is usually tapered to a rounded anterior end?

Posterior end

What is the classification based on the presence or absence of larva in a shell called?


Which type of nematodes are categorized as tissue nematodes?

Filariasis-causing nematodes

What is the body symmetry of adult nematodes?

Bilateral symmetry

What is the primary characteristic of nematode bodies?

Elongated, cylindrical, and unsegmented

How is the male nematode typically in comparison to the female?

Smaller in size

Learn about helminths, elongated flat or round worm-like parasites, and their general characteristics including being eukaryotic, multicellular, and belonging to Phylum Platyhelminths and Phylum Nemathelminths. Explore the life cycle of helminths and their morphology.

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