Introduction to Data Science

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What is the primary goal of Data Science?

To identify patterns in data and predict future events

What can businesses achieve by employing Data Science?

Better decision-making capabilities

What is an example of predictive analysis in Data Science?

Determining what is going to occur next

What is a key outcome of data analysis in Data Science?

Finding patterns in data

What is a key application of Data Science in business decision-making?

Using data to decide between A or B

Data Science is primarily concerned with the analysis of data alone.


The primary goal of Data Science is to identify patterns in data through analysis.


Data Science can be used to make better decisions in business by selecting between options A or B.


Data Science is only used for predicting future events.


Data Science can discover hidden information in data.


Test your understanding of data science, its goals, and applications. Learn how data science helps businesses make better decisions, predict future events, and identify patterns in data.

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