Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1-2

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What are some basic terms introduced in the lecture?

Host, packet, protocol

What is the Internet primarily composed of?

Connected computing devices known as hosts or end systems

What are examples of network applications mentioned in the lecture?

Web, Pokémon Go, BitTorrent

What does the lecture emphasize as components of end-to-end delay?

Bandwidth, packet size, distance

What is the focus of the lecture in relation to the Internet architecture?

Logical (five protocol layers) and physical (a network of ASes) architecture

What are the logical and physical architectures of the Internet, as mentioned in the lecture?

Logical: Five protocol layers; Physical: A network of ASes

What are examples of end systems or hosts mentioned in the lecture?

PC, laptop, server, smartphone

What are some components of end-to-end delay discussed in the lecture?

Bandwidth, packet size, distance, propagation speed, queue size

What is the primary focus of the lecture in relation to network core?

Packet switching and circuit switching

What does the lecture define as the 'nuts and bolts' view of the Internet?

"The Internet is a network of connected computing devices known as hosts or end systems."

Test your knowledge on the basic terms, protocol layers, Internet architecture, and end-to-end delay components in computer networks.

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