Introduction to Cloud Computing Technologies

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What is the main characteristic of Service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

Uses software components called services

Which computing infrastructure combines computer resources spread over different geographical locations?

Grid computing

What is the main feature of utility computing?

Charges are based on the consumption of services provided

In grid computing, how are unused resources on multiple computers utilized?

They are made available for a single task

How do services in Service-oriented architecture (SOA) interact with each other?

By communicating across platforms and languages

What is the main advantage of cloud computing?

Allows users to obtain IT resources over the internet

Which technology is used to create virtual representations of physical machines?


Why do businesses use virtualization?

To run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine

What is the role of cloud service providers in cloud computing?

Ensuring storage capacity and security

How do client devices access computing resources in cloud computing?

Via rented computing resources over the internet

What type of investment does virtualization help businesses get greater returns from?

Investment in hardware resources

Learn the basics of cloud computing, including the delivery of hosted computing services over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Discover how users can access technology services like processing power and storage from a cloud provider, eliminating the need for physical data centers.

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