International Politics: Israel and Hamas Conflict

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What was the response of Israel to Hamas' acceptance of the ceasefire proposal mediated by Qatar and Egypt?

Israel rejected the proposal, citing it did not meet its core demands

What has been the consequence of the actions of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in Gaza?

Over 77,000 Palestinians have been wounded

Why has Israel evacuated over 1,00,000 people from Rafah?

To prepare for a potential invasion

What is the current status of the border crossing with Egypt?

Israel is practically controlling all entry points to Gaza, and most of them remain shut

What is the approximate number of Palestinians killed by the IDF since October 7?

Over 34,000

What is the current situation in northern Gaza according to the UN?

A full-blown famine

What is the current state of Gaza's northern and central parts?

They are already uninhabitable

What has been the result of Israel's military action in Gaza?

A stalemate with no clear outcome

What has been the international response to Israel's actions in Gaza?

International criticism of Israel's actions

What might be the consequence for Israel if the war continues indefinitely?

Further international isolation

What is a potential consequence for Mr. Netanyahu if he invades Rafah?

A challenge to his political career

What is currently happening to hundreds of thousands of people in the north and centre of Gaza?

They are being forced out of their homes

This quiz is based on an article discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict, a ceasefire proposal, and the role of Qatar and Egypt as mediators. It also touches upon the political implications for Israel's leadership. Test your understanding of this complex issue.

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